Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Public transport.

Mostly biking and walking. Mickey has this great old beater that’s kind of space age-y (photo of its fine space-age rack below). I got a beautiful black cruiser from East Side Cycles before i left Nashville, modeled after the standard-issue Dutch bike. I love it. It’s shown here parked outside one of its favorite destinations, Laura’s coffehouse.

There’s no home delivery of mail here, so the post office is another daily destination. Always nice to run into neighbors and have a chat with Cece, the post office lady. Never the old Acklen Station lines out the door to pick something up. Although, by golly, I do miss Hillsboro Village and all my old crew at Fido...

Oh, I almost forgot...the golf carts. Several hundred of them in town. Why crank up a car to go somewhere that’sonly 5 blocks away?