Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Family Harmony.

So Miss Anne and Natalie just came for a nice visit. We did pretty much everything a person can do in our little town this time of year. Ate out, went antique shopping, walked around looking at the town. And it snowed! Well, it flurried...and was unseasonably cold, especially for my girls from Alabammy (the picture of the 3 of us was taken by Natalie with her iPhone, and if you look closely we have snowflakes on us).

Nobody really took many pictures. Lexie was with us most of the time, but missed all photo-ops. The other pictures are from Griffin, IN, just up the road. Home of our friends the Mumfords. One of only two towns by that name in the U.S. if my research is correct. The other in Georgia. Since Griffin is my name and Miss Anne’s maiden name, it seemed like a trip to make.

We did a lot of visiting with friends at Laura’s coffee house and elsewhere, which is what we mostly do for amusement here anyway. Everyone was glad to finally meet some of my family.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Been down the rabbit-hole.

Sorry to not have posted for so long if anybody’s been paying attention.

My buddy Mack is coming through NH on his way back to Nashville. Hope to do a portrait of him. Maybe that’ll be my next post.

We’re in the middle of getting a wood stove put in the house. Missing a few critical bits of piping that are back-ordered. Got the tile floor for it put in last week, some nice looking slate. Can’t wait...will definitely put up a picture when that puppy’s got flames. Apparently this has been the biggest year for wood stove sales since the oil crisis in the 70s!