Sunday, May 11, 2008


Beginning our first workshops next week with this fledgling New Harmony Center for the Arts that we’ve been working on with a group of friends here. Here’s a mini-poster for my classes. More to follow...

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Arts. Arts. Arts.

Our buddy Bryce McCloud from Isle of Printing in Nashville came up this weekend for the first edition of this Arts In Harmony art fair we participated in (these are his pictures of us with our good friend Laura after the fair and me from my good side at the Swan Dive show saturday night). Me and Bryce shared a booth. Lexie’s pal Erica Rudy was supposed to come too, but she was getting over a freak illness. She’s coming up later this month, and we hope she’s lots better!

There was also the soft opening of New Harmony Center for the Arts, something we’ve both been very involved in getting off the ground. Our good friends Swan Dive played a nice show at the opening Saturday night. I’ll be teaching some collage and photography workshops this summer. Lexie will be teaching painting at some point...up until now she’s been doing a lot of much-needed administrative stuff (that I am certainly no good at!) Also are friends teaching, woodworking, blacksmithing and percussion. There’s not a website yet, but should be something soon. Let me know if anybody’s interested in taking a class! (or maybe teaching one down the line).