Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Pops. 1940–2011. R.I.P.

We all lost one of my oldest buddies and biggest-ever supporters on Tuesday night, after he spent most of the 21st Century fighting a cancer called Multiple Myeloma (If you feel so moved, please find out more and/or donate to research here).

My sweet old Pops, Allen Ephraim Norman. It was a terrible, hard day that finally took Allen after eleven years of up and down, but he had lots of loving family around him as he passed, and I’m glad he’s finally at peace. God bless my sweet cousin Joanne, a hospice nurse, who came in on her day off to take charge for us and take amazing care of Allen. The other nurses were great, but I was so grateful to have that watched over by someone who was not only not a stranger, but somebody who loved Allen so much.

Shot some nice pictures of him on a good day a while back. He sat patiently, even though he was tired. He was a handsome devil, even with his chemo hair-style.

I miss you, old buddy.