Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A world in white gets underway.

It snowed in New Harmony while I was in Alabama having rain for Christmas. A veil of tears for the virgin birth. The snow at Christmas, of which spake Emerson, Lake & Palmer, forsooth, fell here. Mmmm...commas. Always enjoy a hike when snow is pretty freshly fallen, but offered no alternative, I trod out into the starting-to-melt, stale snowfall yesterday to see what I could see.

Well Mr. Johnson, a “roofless” church don’t keep the snow out, let me tell you.

Particularly enjoyed tromping around by the river and under the currently-defunct Wabash River bridge between Indiana and Illinois. The last time I spent much time down there much of the surrounding area was underwater during “the great flood of ’11.” Can’t believe that’s been over a year and a half ago.