Thursday, March 3, 2011

Dale Chihuly and the Victorian Tittie-kitties.

I know this is old-ish news, but I had promised my mom I would post some of the pictures from this exhibit, because we talked about her and my sister visiting Nashville while it was up and weren’t able to synchronize it.

I was house/poodle-sitting for the Claytons in Nashville, while they were in Japan, and Lexie had come for a visit from Denver. It was a pretty swelter-y afternoon and evening at Cheekwood, but I wasn’t going to miss this show. Have always had a lot of time for Dale, even though he’s widely slagged as a P.T. Barnum sort of character. Ego aside—although I’m not sure you can really separate the two—he’s single-handedly done more for the world of glass than anybody before him. What the hell, this isn’t a’s my opinion.

Nice fit for Cheekwood.

Always have loved the pair of sphinx-like sculptures at the entrance to the gardens, which I have taken to calling the Victorian Tittie-kitties.