Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Long live the Queen.

“The Queen is dead, long live the Queen!” Often proclaimed at the passing of English Kings, and revamped, I believe, when Mary’s Throne passed to the first Elizabeth.

We lost Jane Blaffer Owen last night. Our lovely queen. A great friend to and the greatest matron of my little town. She had personally been so much of the life of New Harmony for so long. Quietly, and with great dignity and generosity of spirit. She was a force of nature.

Looking for an obituary, I found this little video from the National Trust for Historic Preservation (the first part is about somebody else, but keep watching...it’s short). Also a nice short remembrance here.

She invited us to dinner with a lovely group of people at the Red Geranium shortly after our arrival here, the invitation found on our steps with flowers as if left by good fairies.

My best and most enduring memory of Jane will always be looking out my studio window one day, to just barely catch a glimpse of her driving past in her baby blue golf cart, fashionably be-hatted, one hand (hopefully) on the wheel, and with a tremendous bunch of flowers in one hand, breathing them in as deeply and sweetly as a last breath.

We will miss you, Jane. Thanks for everything.