Sunday, November 11, 2007

Henny-Penny, the Fall is skying!

OK, I’ve never been much of a nature photographer. There are so many people doing it. Millions of amateurs and hundreds of professionals. It’s been done. To death.

BUT...something about being in a new place...seeing things with new eyes...I’ve been really smitten by the outdoors. Not the camping, wiping your bottom with a leaf, eaten alive by bugs outdoors. More the walking about, then going home for a seat and a cup of tea outdoors.

So here are leaves, trees, that kind of thing. There are so many incredibly beautiful old trees here. The farm country has its natural seasons and also the added element of growing and harvesting that adds a whole new man-made aspect to the landscape. I’m sure it’s nothing new to a Midwestern native type, but it’s fascinating to me...