Monday, December 12, 2011

Parading down Main Street.

Never been big for the Holiday festivities mania. Have been trying for years to get my family to stop giving each other presents for Christmas once and for all. It’s not that my heart is three sizes too small, it’s just not my best thing.

On the other hand, my mother, Miss Anne, is a crazy person about Christmas, so I invited her and my sister Natalie to come visit me over the weekend when the big Christmas in New Harmony festivities were going on.

We had several really beautiful Winter days, mostly sunny and nice. Started raining the day they left and didn’t stop for a minute for several days. We had a big old time ( big a time as can be had here in Bedford Falls). Sat around the wood-stove at night. Got buzzed one night on White Russians at the Yellow Tavern. Did a lot of touring around. Took a carriage ride.

We didn’t get up early enough to make it to Pancakes with Santa, but one of the highlights of the weekend was the big parade down Main Street later Saturday morning. I think I’ve always been out of town or something. Didn’t know what I was missing! Cute kids! Tractors! Candy throwing! Santa! Ponies! Mickey Grimm as the Little Drummer Boy! The sweetest three-legged dog ever! A firetruck with my name on it! A giant rooster! Truly a beautiful small-town thing. Probably the last time the kids from the school will march, as it looks like the New Harmony school is sadly closing at the end of the year. Super Boo.

And yet, It’s a Wonderful Life. Mary! Kids! I’m home!