Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Farm living is the life for me.

My sweet friend Lora and I had a nice little afternoon yesterday. I pretended we were doing a little Town and Country shoot with some of her menagerie.

I had been imagining her wearing a ballgown and holding a baby sheep or some of her crazy fancypants roosters. Was a little too mucky for the John Singer Sargent “Madame X” formal portrait (with critter). And maybe I’m not really that slick anyway. The roosters don’t exactly co-operate with the being held at this point in their career, they just strut around and hope nobody shows up with a cleaver.

Lora improvised brilliantly with a lovely vintage fur and fancy muck boots. The little grey donkey, Jack, is super sweet, and kind of like a dog. The bully ram just wants to have his head scratched or he’ll butt you and knock you over. The little sheep are so squatty that apparently if they fall over they have a hard time righting themselves, and flail around beetle-wise.

I resisted a serious urge to try a little sheep-tipping. Then we kicked off the muck boots and had some hot chocolate and a nice chat.