Sunday, September 11, 2011

Molly Monthly #1

Nope, it’s not a new magazine.

Molly Thomas is my sweet Nashville friend, room-mate...landlord...I think I’ll call her my room-lord : )

She’s a talented lady. Writer and singer of her own songs, as well as a composing strings-meister and “side-man” on fiddle, keyboards, vocals. (Matthew Ryan, Todd Snider, etc.)

I did photography and design for her new album “Make Everything Bright.” Digital here. CD and more info here.

Just figured since Molly is a handy model, I would try to shoot something simple with her every month when I’m in Nashville. May keep it up for ages, may last three months.’s off to a good start. One location (our yard). One prop (a lawn chair). No hair and makeup (OK maybe a tad of help from Mr. Photoshop). Drank a cup of coffee, moved around the yard, jumped up on the rail of the deck for an added element of danger. Done.