Monday, September 12, 2011

Li’l Cardinal, Pt. 2

What is it is with me and fledgling cardinal encounters this year?

This morning as I was heading out on my bike, I noticed my rear tire was a little low. Ran in and grabbed the pump—back out no more than 10 seconds later, and this little fellow was perched on my front tire, seemingly out of nowhere.

I told him to wait while I grabbed a camera, which he clearly understood : )

Shot a dozen frames and he struck this handsome, heroic pose for me. Told him he could head back to whatever he was doing. He just sat there. Told him I needed my bike. He just kept sitting there. Clearly his understanding of English was not as good as I’d earlier thought.

Wasn’t sure if I should grab him and help find a roosting place, away from the stupid neighborhood cats, or if I should just leave him to his devices. His parents were nervously twittering around up in my trees by now, wondering what to do. (For any of you youngsters out there—this does not mean the birds were sending “tweets”—birds were twittering nervously for centuries before people took it up)

He finally made a few clumsy flying hops and wound up in some ivy on the side of the house, out of easy cat range. The cats in my neighborhood are so lazy, I doubt they would exert the effort to actually execute anything resembling a leap.

Maybe his parents helped him get up into a tree. Maybe a cat ate him as soon as I pedaled off. Ah, the drama of nature. Good luck, little buddy.