Friday, November 27, 2009

Denver, CO

Went to visit Lexie in Denver a while back. Been a little backlogged on the blogging due to recent busy-ness (backblogged?).

The big event was two feet or so of snow. Pretty early in the year for such foolishness. I didn’t have any winter footwear (though Lexie has some very sporty new snow boots), so the snow curtailed tourism for a few days. It was beautiful, though. Kept coming and coming for several endless days. Movies were watched...

One really unseasonably warm day (before the snow) was the perfect day for a visit to the Cherry Creek farmer’s market. Bought food. Ate food. Watched people. Talked to strangers. Watched dogs (this one pictured was named “Tinkerbull,” and was rumored by her owner to enjoy this little cart—I just thought she seemed a little embarrassed). The girl seen enjoying a yummy crepe from one of the vendors.

Saw some nice Fritz Scholder work at the Denver Art Museum. Remember loving his work when I started art school back in the late 70s, and it still holds up.

Went to this very young-adult-oriented church Lexie’s been going to and someone said when I was introduced “Oh, cool, is this your Dad?” Whatever.

Eat at Watercourse if ever in Denver. It’s a vegetarian place, but amazing and good even if you’re not slightly vegetarian. The same people also own a great bar/restaurant place called City O City. Both places are terribly cool, but not pretentiously so. Nary a shred of hippy-granola vibe.