Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Alas, poor Sküti! I knew her, Horatio; a bunny of infinite jest...

Captain Sküti von Buns has moved on...

Not to be with Jesus, just gone to a better home here on earth. Living with a sweet retired couple, Laura and Paul, who are our old pet store lady’s parents. They live out in the country and breed rabbits, guinea pigs, hedgehogs, and other tiny creatures. They also have some miniature donkeys and some chickens and goats.

Somehow in explaining that I would be on the road a lot and less able to care for the Buns, Paul—a retired truck driver—mis-heard that I was a truck driver too. He said I could probably take her in “my rig” if I really wanted to keep her. We sorted that out.

Looking forward to going and visiting the Buns. I think she’ll be happy with other rabbits, might even have some teeny babies. I'll post pictures if she does.

A few pictures below from her last weeks at home (with her concrete friend Donald standing guard in the corner). She was always doing some sort of “home improvement” project or other—which usually meant gnawing on the walls. But I was frankly quite proud of her last home improvement initiative, which involved chewing a very nice escape hole in the end of one of her boxes—the boxes were left over from pipes from the wood-stove installation from last year. It actually was bigger and more perfectly round when she finished.

That’s my bunny!