Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Eagles on the Wabash.

Saw two big beautiful American Bald Eagles perched aloofly in a tall leafless tree while i was out for my this morning’s constitutional.* Closest I’ve ever been to eagles in the wild. One of them took off, but the other one sat there while I stared at him/her. Funny—since there was no patriotic music playing in the background—they didn’t strike me as symbols so much as big hungry birds, looking for brunch—so I tried to walk briskly and not appear to be a wounded animal... In case anybody was wondering, this is NOT my photo (no such mountains along the Wabash). From Veronica somebody’s blog, via Google.

Awfully nice to walk less than ten blocks away from your house and be in relative wilderness.

*This might seem to imply that I actually TAKE a walk every morning. This is not true, but I’m trying to make it a more regular thing.