Friday, January 11, 2008

Bosse Reitz.

Went into Evansville with Mickey Grimm the other day for some adventure. We went to the Willard Library, the oldest continually operating library in Indiana. I got a library card, the Willard’s pretty great. Also haunted, hooooooooooo....

Then went to the old Vanderburgh County courthouse, ca.1890, which is very beautiful, but sadly decrepit. Nice that it’s still standing, however. The usual non-profits and design firm tenants. Scavengers for cheap rents. Found these two strange busts, one of Benjamin Bosse, the mayor of Evansville from 1914-22, namesake of Bosse field, the great old minor-league field where they shot a lot of the film A League of Their Own. The other bust, of Francis J. Reitz, scion of a wealthy lumber family, seems to have been made by Edward Gorey. Odd.