Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Infodumps and Datafills

Was happy to meet the artist Leticia Bajuyo (www.leticiabajuyo.com) recently at the close of her show “Infodumps and Datafills” at the New Harmony Gallery of Contemporary Art. Helped her document the installation, the largest part of which was a pair of large horn-like “speakers” constructed of re-purposed compact discs (they felt a little like dragon scales, and were very interesting in various light and shadow situations). The speakers were connected to a pair of Theremins, which could be played by the viewer. The show was rounded out by a dense black sculpture made of re-purposed digital cable, and a number of related drawings on wood. Delighted to later find out that Leticia and my buddy Mark Hosford had gone to graduate school together. Small, funny world. One of the speakers below for feel. Difficult to convey the space, scale, the addition of sound, etc.