Monday, September 17, 2012

Arnold Ziffel meets Art Potatoes and the Butterfly Girl

My tiny rural Indiana town was overwhelmed this weekend by hordes of out-of-towners bent on some German music and a beer&bratwurst&funnel cake buzz. Kunstfest—literally “Artfest” (thus the “Art Potatoes” served up steaming by the Boy Scouts of America).

Made friends with this little pig. He was shy, but happy, wagging his pig-tail the whole time I was chatting with him. Reminded me of my childhood obsession with owning a smart, funny pig like Arnold Ziffel from Green Acres. “Farm living is the life for me.” ;)

Kids everywhere with painted faces. Ella was a butterfly.

Also, I was strangely attracted to the Ruritan’s funnel cake stand, but was victorious over temptation...I’m on a low-funnel cake diet.