Wednesday, August 15, 2012

President Jefferson Davis

As I was heading home from Hopkinsville, Kentucky last week, I was about to drive past the exit for the Jefferson Davis Monument. I’ve always intended to check it out, but always find a reason to drive on. Wasn’t even sure how far it was off the Pennyrile Parkway. Turns out it’s just about ten miles, through lovely country. Corn, tobacco, look-out-for-Amish signs...then all of a sudden BANG, this crazy thing rises up out of the surrounding countryside.

Located in Fairview, which was Davis’ birthplace, the monument is situated in a sweet little park with beautiful old trees. It’s apparently the tallest unreinforced concrete structure in the world. The rebel Washington monument.

It was closed when I got there, so I didn’t go up inside it. But the light was nice. Part of my current programme of seizing moments. Glad I did. Strange and wonderful. Even though I went to a school in Alabama from 5th grade to 12th that was named after Gen. Robert E. Lee, I’m not a big CSA booster, so it wasn’t a religious experience, but it’s our common history. All y’all. Turn it up.