Thursday, April 26, 2012

WrenFest 2012: Part 1

After so many years of having friends with grown or nearly-grown children, it seems everybody I know has a baby right now. I’ve been joking about them replacing ironic Victorian facial hair as the new #1 Portlandia-style hipster accessory ;)

Was in Nashville recently, house-sitting, and realized the only way I was definitely going to see one of these new little punkins was to stay with said punkin’s parents for a few days. So, I started with my pals Mack and Holly and made my introductions to little baby Wren (Pictured below).

She’s a pretty sweet little egg. Except for, you know...the kid stuff, like pants-pooping, crazy sleeping schedule, and inexplicable, sadness-inducing hollerin’—but she’ll grow out of that soon enough. Also, she was fascinated by ME, which gets bonus points.

Not pictured—but equally fabulous—are Caroline and Nick’s little buddy Emmett, and Marc and Amanda’s Senna, both of whom I had nice, but much briefer visits with.