Saturday, May 21, 2011

Civil War Band (What the kids are liss’nin to)

This was back in September of Ought-Ten. Got lost in the shuffle. All kinds of things going on at the New Harmony Kunstfest...some actual kunst, funnel cakes, the usual street-fair jazz. I really loved these guys, though, and hung out for their whole show one fine Fall day.

Called The Red Bank Reunion Band, based in Evansville, and led by Mr. Wayne Jones. They play some fine Civil-War Era music, featuring a couple of strange, custom-made period horns that aren’t made any more. Wayne (with the tuba...sousaphone...whatever it is) clearly has a lot of passion for the music, as well as being quite an affable fellow—and a good explainer/teacher, since the music is not necessarily familiar to a lot of folks.

And what American street fair would be complete without the biggest imaginable version of the Stars and Stripes hanging from a hook and ladder truck in the center of town!