Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Lady Friends, New Harmony, October 10, 2010

Some of my favorite New Harmony lady friends, Alison, Molly and Lora. Got a portable seamless backdrop rig a while back and this was its maiden voyage one day, which I just realised was nearly 2 months ago...I’m a little behind on the editing and the posting. Only ever shot a little with a seamless in grad school, but that was...well, I’m not going to remember how long ago that was.

Nice little space and natural light on my front porch, which is about half glass (and I do mean little, no Avedon model and elephant shoots allowed!). Sadly it is a very seasonally limited...very cold right now unless I drag portable heating out there.

Shot first with Alison on her lunch break, and in less than an hour shot over 700 frames. It was one of the most amazingly fruitful shoots ever. Kind of helped me regain my mojo, which had gone A.W.O.L. Not amazing that there were so many frames—that could be done by accidentally keeping the shutter down while drunk—but that so many of them were good. I love when that happens.

Was so amped-up after Alison, that I called Molly and Lora too. Very last-minute. Fading light. No time for worry about makeup and costumery. It was a lovely picturing day. Hate to post so few images, there were so many nice ones.

Thank you, ladies.