Sunday, May 9, 2010


Just before coming back to Nashville in time to witness my old city being washed away, I was shooting in El Paso and its environs, near this “border” there’s been so much ill-informed shouting about lately. Just before THAT I did a little shoot at Yoga Source with my friend Gillie. It kind of got lost in the swirl of things. El Paso, then the flooding, then coming back to find a sweet neighbor had died while I was gone. It’s just been a little too sad lately.

Edited some stuff last couple of days. We had been talking about trying to do this for ages, so despite all efforts to feel no pressure...I felt a little pressure. Pretty unplanned, short-ish shoot. Wasn’t trying to do textbook studio-lit pose-photos for a book, but more environmental portrait/document of Gillie doing her thing. Nice natural light. Yummy subject. Very happy : )