Friday, March 12, 2010


No not the prom-night horror flick with Sissy Spacek. My friend Carrie Nunes, a fabulous jewelry designer and a sweetheart. Another portrait from this last trip to Nashville.

Carrie has really inspired me with this Ring-a-Day project she’s involved in with a bunch of other jewelry designers. Making, as you might expect, a ring every damn day for all of 2010! There are days when she would admit the rings have not been up to a standard of cleverness and/or craft—and you can tell it’s been a long day—but those days are rare.

Her Flickr stream of the project is here. She’s selling the finished rings on Etsy here to benefit the Craft Emergency Relief Fund.

I had an idea of shooting face and hands with LOTS of rings on both hands, but looking purposeful, not just like those ladies that just wear too damn many rings. We didn’t shoot very long, and because of the really narrow depth-of-field I was playing with, some of them the rings weren't too focused, but I liked them anyway. Didn’t really want everything sharpy-sharp. She looks like she’s sleeping and dreaming of rings in one of them, and I’m sure some nights she does just that.

Lately, I think I’ve realized much more keenly that I’ve had a ton of projects in my life that have never come to fruition, because I’ve “creatively procrastinated,” and something has moved away, died, or otherwise rendered a project moot before I got my shit together. Other than the usual bathroom functions, tooth-brushing, eating, etc. I’ve never been very daily consistent with anything.

Trying to fiercely and consistently carpe the diem.