Thursday, January 7, 2010

Let it snow.

First real snow of the season, other a few previous dustings. Noticed it had started when I went to bed about one, was a winter wonderland this morning. Nothing huge...2-3 inches. Still snowing off and on. Noticed my bird friends were getting seriously low on food, so fed those guys and headed out on a little trek.

Every time I walk past the road scene four images down, I think of the old Robert Frost road less traveled. This particular road is less traveled because it doesn't really go anywhere. Not sure what it’s for, just peters out in the direction of the river.

There were these crazy ice disk things floating down the river. Not sure how they formed. I suspect aliens. Like 3-4 foot upside-down frisbee-like dishes with water inside.

Old Paul Tillich’s head seemed sad and cold.

Snowing again hard by the time I got to the Atheneum, blowing sideways—one of my lenses was frozen over—bravely fought my way to the coffee house. Then the snow stopped and the sun came out, naturally.