Wednesday, January 28, 2009

(Late) Holiday Miscellany.

Pictured here we have Lexie’s Christmas cactus which bloomed beautifully and prolifically right on time, and has the honor of being one of our longest-lived houseplants.

Lacking a real live Christmas tree since neither of us were actually going to be here for the actual day, we festooned our then-dormant wood stove with lights and used it as “the Christmas stove.” It’s pretty steadily burning wood these days, and has been relieved of its tree duties.

Lastly, Sküti von Buns, the Christmas bunny. She’s gotten pretty big, but the only reason she let me get this close with the camera is because I was down on the floor where she could keep an eye on me, where it didn’t seem like I could do any serious looming and threatening.