Sunday, June 15, 2008

A nice weekend.

No pictures to prove it, but we had a pretty great weekend here in Bedford Falls. We went down to southern Illinois, almost to Paducah, yesterday to acquire a new member of our little family—details and pictures to follow soon!

There was an antiques street fair saturday and today, which I wasn't really in the mood for as a consumer, but it added measurably to the excitement-about-town level.

Nicest thing was having Cincinnati’s Over the Rhine in town for a show last night at the Granary. Nice to finally meet them after loving their music for years. I had met Jake Bradley, their current bass-man, a few years back when he was playing with the Vigilantes of Love. Lexie and I had a nice time hanging out with him today.

Our buddy Mickey Grimm is drumming for them, and he threw down quite a drum solo for the hometown crowd.

A big shout out to the National Guard, who spent several days doing sand-bagging around town, to stave off the swollen Wabash. It’s thundering as I write this...let’s hope there’s little or no rain associated. We’ve had quite enough, thanks.