Thursday, February 7, 2008

Spend an hour watching swans.

[[This is a poem called Opinion, by Baron Wormser, from Subject Matter: Poems. It speaks a similar thing to me as my recent walks near the Wabash have, and something about my life in general...about what matters...about wildness and the overwhelming nature of modern life...whatever...just read it.]]

Halfway to work and Merriman already has told me
What he thinks about the balanced budget, the Mets’
Lack of starting pitching, the dangers of displaced
Soviet nuclear engineers, soy products, and diesel cars.

I look out the window and hope I’ll see a swan.
I hear they’re bad-tempered but I love their necks
And how they glide along so sovereignly.
I never take the time to drive to a pond

And spend an hour watching swans. What
Would happen if I heeded the admonitions of beauty?
When I look over at Merriman, he’s telling Driscoll
That the President doesn’t know what he's doing
With China. “China,” I say out loud but softly.
I go back to the window. It’s started snowing.