Saturday, December 8, 2007

921 Granary Street

Some of you pushy lot have said, “OK, fine...but what does your new HOUSE look like?”

Well, I’ve been getting to that. So much of the inside is still in progress, I was waiting to put house pix up. But realised that waiting for the perfection of the inside might take a while, so here’s a nice shot of the outside for now. More to come. Bonus pix of the Owen-Rapp Granary for which our street is named (and a little kitty friend I made there). There’s a little new moon peeking above the granary in the second image, but it was prettier in person.

My favorite thing right now is watching the excitement at the bird feeder. Would take some pictures, but they tend not to hold too still. Lots of varieties of finches, and titmouses, chickadees, sparrows, cardinals, and the occasional woodpecker...